A brief history of Bayer's and Patchwork Gardens

Bayer's is located on West Third Street just a stone’s throw from Patchwork Gardens (PWG), a diverse 24 acre vegetable farm that employs chemical-free growing practices for its CSA program and online market.   After years of friendship between the Bayer Family and Patchwork Gardens, PWG became the new operators of the Bayer's farm market in the Summer of 2023 and continues to grow operations, while working to preserve the rich histories of both organizations.

Bayer's Melon Farm

Bayer's Melon Farm is a small vegetable farm that began in 1980 when Jon Bayer and his wife Loraine planted their first acre of Burpee Hybrid Cantaloupes near Trotwood, Ohio just off Route 35. By 1988, the Bayer family (daughter Regina, and sons Hans and Jubal), with the help of a few local teenagers, was harvesting almost 40 acres of premium, home-grown cantaloupe and vegetables -  hauls that were large enough to start piling up on their driveway, and sell to folks who were driving by. Within a few more years, the roadside stand that is now Bayer's Melon Farm Market was built and, as they say, the rest is history!

That is, until 2016, when Hans and Jubal inherited the farm from their parents and they, with the help of their business partner Elijah Hess, began running the day-to-day operations of the farm and market.  The three men would continue this work for the next 6 years, all while living in a small, intentional Christian community that is dedicated to serving Jesus in their everyday lives. To this day, the men continue to do just that, although not always in SW Ohio. Hans, Jubal and Elijah can be seen from time to time at the Market, but are focusing most of their efforts in Caneyville, Kentucky these days.

Over the last 43 years, Bayer's has become a destination market and favorite stop for both community members and travelers alike. As it always has, the market continues to partner with both local and regional farmers and businesses to offer its wide variety of in-season produce and hand-crafted goods to its customers. Now serving over 1,400 people a week in the height of the season, the market continues to be a place where folks from near and far can always expect to find the highest quality products and the friendliest farmers around.

Patchwork Gardens

Patchwork Gardens (PWG) grows its food without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Their approach to agriculture favors hard work through diligent cultivation and culture of healthy soil biology. These make for healthy plants. PWG strongly believes that the relationship between those growing food and the people who are eating it is one of the most vital connections.  And as their tagline states, Fresh Food from Farmers You Know, the folks at PWG want you to know who they are and how they grow the vegetables that you enjoy.  Thery are always looking for ways to improve their operation for their customers, their staff, and for our environment. PWG also plants cover-crops in the off-season and incorporates all of that organic matter back into the soil. Starting in 2023, PWG has been expanding these operations to the grounds over at Bayer's Melon Farm as well.

Since PWG farms year-round, they have produce available through much of the Winter. Therefore, in the earlier and later months of the growing season, almost all of the produce available at Bayer's Market is grown by PWG.  During the Summer months of 2023, Bayer's supplemented about 50% of the market produce from other area farmers. After the regular market closes for the year, Patchwork Gardens is able to offer their fresh produce to our community through an online store.

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